Your Brand

When you partner with Sinclair Recruitment we act as your brand ambassador every step of the way.

Perception is reality

Your brand as an employer is profoundly beneficial in the technological, social media driven world of today.  Excessive advertising on job search engines, a negative media report, a disgruntled ex-employee, all of these things can affect a candidate’s decision to work with you or not.  Or perhaps you are a smaller organisation with a relatively unknown brand which means in the grand scheme of things you are less visible to the top talent in the market?

Sinclair Recruitment takes pride in partnering with clients to establish them as employers of choice.  We sell the positive attributes of your organisation, the cultural aspects and all the things that make your work place uniquely different from the rest.  To this effect we share best practice with you thus allowing you to be innovating in creating an attractive, enviable work place.