Career Planning Advice

So you are thinking of making a career move…


Finding a new position can be a stressful and daunting journey however before the journey begins we encourage you to carefully answer these five questions;

  1. What has put you on the market to be looking?
  2. If your current employer could say one thing to make you stay, what would it be?
  3. Have you tried (if employed) to resolve the issue?
  4. What is most important to you in your next role?
  5. What career ambitions do you have for yourself in the foreseeable future?

The reason for this is that the hiring manager is going to want to know your motivation for looking, assess whether or not you are simply fishing for a counter offer from your current employer, are adept with conflict resolution, are a long term investment and have realistic expectations.

But more importantly when it comes to searching for greener pastures you may very well find that the grass is the greenest where it is best watered! Perhaps you really are in the right place already and all you need is effective communication to resolve the problem? Just a little food for thought…

So you know exactly what you want…

There are three things you need to do now that you have made the conscious decision to enter the market in order for the process to begin;

Resume Preparation

Your resume will create the first impression to the hiring manager so be sure that it sells you effectively. There is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to resumes, you may need to modify it for each role you apply for in order to meet the requirements, not every position is the same after all.

Keep the resume simple. Remember that the hiring manager may receive multiple applications therefore you need to be concise whilst remembering to address the key criteria in a job advertisement.

We recommend keeping a detailed list of positions you apply for. In doing so you will be more organised and able to recall the position if and when you get the call back. You will additionally be able to measure the success of your applications. For example, if you have applied for ten positions with no call backs you may be applying for the wrong positions or alternatively your resume may need a little more work, in which case ask a friend or fellow professional to review it for you.

We recommend sending your resume in Microsoft Word, as it is the format that is most compatible with recruitment databases.


Be interview ready

The urgency of the job vacancy and your relevance to the role can determine how quickly you may get that call and of course, how quickly the employer may wish to see you!

We recommend dressing for success so ensure you have a professional outfit on standby. Prior to attending an interview be sure to have done your research on the organisation and have ready a list of questions about the role (In a great interview most of your questions about the role will be answered during the natural course of the conversation so in this instance use the opportunity at the end of the interview to ask questions pertaining to company culture, or how the interviewer would describe the ideal candidate)


Manage your expectations

Be mindful that if you have applied for a position where the salary was specifically advertised, stating you have much higher expectations may price you out of the market! Additionally if you are about to start the search process there are seasonal and geographical market conditions to consider. For example there may be times when offices are closed over holiday periods, or when some industries slow down on recruitment for various reasons.

We recommend you do your research on what the market typically pays for the type of role you are looking for, and when the peak season of the industry is which can influence the decision to proceed with hiring.

For more information, ask one of our consultants!