Tarsha Lee

Tarsha Lee

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Recruitment Consultant

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Tarsha is a born and bred Melbournian who has been working in the retail industry for almost 9 years. She successfully worked her way up from a casual team member to store management, and has experienced a variety of well-known Retail brands specialising in jewellery, footwear and apparel. Her most recent role was as an accomplished Store Manager with Ozmosis where she utilized her management skills at various locations to enhance store performance and team culture. Tarsha has completed a Diploma of Social Media Marketing which she found extremely helpful when it came to campaigns, promotions and selling. Tarsha is the type of person who will completely invest in everything she does, she is always willing to go above and beyond.

Tarsha has enjoyed an exciting and rewarding career in retail management however she knew she had more to offer so decided to take a step into Recruitment. She is a passionate Retailer and when an opportunity with Sinclair presented she did not hesitate in joining the team. Tarsha gravitated towards Recruitment during her management roles and enjoyed the experience of selecting and hiring employees that fit the brand. Tarsha loves meeting new people and wants to utilize her knowledge and experience in retail to successfully assist businesses and individuals in finding their perfect match. 

Tarsha is a retail specialist and has been heavily involved with every company she has been lucky enough to work for, be it as a casual or manager. Tarsha has a genuine passion for retail and how the industry operates and extensive knowledge of branding and varying company values. Tarsha will be working on a variety of retail roles with her key focus being quality over quantity. She believes in the importance of finding the perfect fit for both the client and candidate to ensure a long and happy relationship. After being a hands-on leader in a variety of retail environments she really knows what makes a strong leader and can successfully identify an outstanding candidate.

When Tarsha isn’t working she is a social butterfly, she loves having a laugh with friends and family and of course spending time with her two ‘good boys’, Jock and Scout. Tarsha loves to travel and enjoys going on adventures, but also staying true to her love of retail, enjoys a fun shopping trip to keep up-to-date with market trends. Tarsha has a strong love for music and always has to have some form of music playing. She believes it is so important to start each day with a positive attitude and to make the most of every moment.