Sarah Campbell

Sarah Campbell

Retail & Hospitality


Team Leader

Job Openings

Prior to Sinclair Recruitment, life for Sarah was very different! A retail manager with over 9 years’ experience, Sarah was an absolute sales gun. Coming to Sinclair as a candidate, the retail team took the opportunity to snap up such a driven and self-motivated candidate.

After being offered a trainee consultant position, Sarah’s training wheels came off less than 2 months later. Hungry to build a career, Sarah identified that Sinclair would be able to offer her a platform to do so. Since starting, she has barely had time to breathe – but she wouldn’t have it any other way!!

A retail lover through and through, Sarah specialises in Sports Performance and Fast Fashion, but don’t be fooled – she can do it all. She’s a quick mover who says it how it is, and is absolutely dominating the recruitment game.

On the weekends, you can find Sarah scaling a mountain, hiking a trail, or smashing a gym session.