Rachel Sturdy

Rachel Sturdy

Sales & Marketing


Recruitment Consultant

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At the age of 18, Rachel started her career working at a cosmetics counter in the UK. Her natural ability to interact with people enabled her to drive and work her way up the ladder. Within these 10 years, Rachel developed into a Make-up Artist and a business development ambassador for a worldwide designer beauty brand. Until her love for life, booked her a one way flight to Australia, to start a new life and push her career further ‘Down Under’.

Rachel loves people and Sinclair loves people! Sinclair was the perfect fit for her down to earth and professional sparkle of a personality. She feels so lucky to be a part of a warm and experienced team, who can provide the perfect start to her career in recruitment.

Coming from primarily a luxury sales and management background Rachel has a keen eye to detail when it comes to assisting development of a business and hiring of the perfect Business Superstar.

Taking advantage of the much warmer weather than the UK, Rachel is part of a Women’s soccer team who play most weekends. At heart Rach is a real rock chick, with a passion for rock music and visits live music gigs when not practicing Yoga by the beach.

I appreciate and am thankful to Tink and Rachel for their proactive liaising with client and me, for finalising the role in just 3 working days including the telephone interview, meeting with Tink & Rachel, client first & second interview and the offer. This is best ever experience I have ever had with a recruiting company, where the recruiting Manager & consultant are super proactive, understand the client requirement and as well place the candidate where he likes to be.

Once again appreciated Sinclair.

Thanks a million!

Fayaz – Candidate