Michael Haddrick

Michael Haddrick

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Recruitment Consultant

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Michael Haddrick commenced his recruitment career as a candidate care consultant for contract temps within White Collar and Blue collar space. Michael progressed onto Client Services and account management functions servicing mainly the Transport and Logistics, and Production industries, and after with internal recruitment for both local and expats within the mining industry. Considered a 360 Recruitment generalist with over 10 years’ experience within Brisbane, Michael was excited to be joining the Sinclair Recruitment Team.

After meeting the Sinclair Team, Michael could feel a very positive energy and great team comradery within the group and the business direction, morals and ethics were well within in line with what Michael wished his next project to be.

Michael speciality lies within his ability to interact with business and teams and understand quickly what type of character and skill set the clients are looking for due to both his professional and personal experience

Outside of work, Michael enjoys the outdoors be it mountains or sea, is an all-round sports second to non-guru and a world-wide traveller. With over 45 countries travelled and bi-lingual with English and Spanish, Michael enjoys interacting with people across all different cultures and backgrounds