Marie Kabamba

Marie Kabamba

Retail and Hospitality


Recruitment Consultant

Job Openings

In her former life prior to working at Sinclair Recruitment, Marie had 13+ years management experience in Fashion Retail working with both International and top Australian brands, including the likes of GUESS, SABA, Kikki.K, and with her last Managerial role being with Polo Ralph Lauren.  In addition to this, Marie is also a personal Stylist and Events & Wedding Stylist.

One of the areas Marie most enjoyed and knew was her biggest strength as Manager was recruiting and training teams.  Prior to joining the Sinclair Recruitment team, Marie was a Sinclair Recruitment Candidate and found them and their process to be personable, reliable and trustworthy, this was one of the reasons she chose to join the team to pursue a full time career in the Recruitment industry.

Outside of work Marie has many interests and passions.  She is a foodie and therefore loves knowing and trying the latest and hottest dining hubs in town!  Marie loves an adventure and escaping the city for a short weekend away is always on the cards.. Her favourite destination in Australia would be Melbourne, hanging with her family and friends always brings out the best in Marie.