Leigh-Anne Jamieson

Leigh-Anne Jamieson

Retail & Hospitality



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Prior to life at Sinclair Recruitment, Leigh-anne worked in the hospitality industry back in Aberdeen, Scotland. Having spent some time within hotels and events management she then decided to take time out travel, which in turn brought her to Australia.

After meeting the team at Sinclair through her first temporary position in Brisbane, Leigh-anne admired the incredible energy the team had and approached Sinclair about joining the team.

Leigh-anne’s speciality lies within customer service and believes her organisation and people skills learnt throughout her previous roles will her help thrive in her new role.

Outside of work, Leigh-anne develop her love for travel after spending 18 months working her way around Australia and South East Asia, she continues to seek out new adventures to take on at the weekend in and around Queensland.