Honor Kettles

Honor Kettles

Accounting & Professional Services


Senior Recruitment Consultant

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Born and bred in Sydney, along with a childhood spent on the Gold Coast, Honor started her career in the freight forwarding industry in Botany Sydney. In 1994, Honor moved to Scotland to marry a farmer and have a family where she spent her years as a Real Estate Sales Manager and live musician both solo and in a six piece band. Honor returned to Australia with her family in 2007 and continued to raise her children until securing her dream job with Sinclair Recruitment.

When Honor’s two children were old enough for her to return to full time employment, Honor sought to return to the corporate ladder in a challenging and rewarding role. Honor secured part time employment in the first instance with Sinclair Recruitment and worked her way up through the ranks based on merit over time from corporate services to full time resourcer and finally the dedicated consultant she is today. Honor believes her success is testimony to the support she received from staff on a national level from day one along with her own determination to succeed.

Honor’s specialty is Public Practice Accounting for Queensland which includes Business Services, Audit, Insolvency, Self-Managed Superfund Specialists, Forensic and Bookkeeping Roles. Honor assists in the placement of Graduates, Intermediate’s, Seniors, Supervisors and Managers in quality firms enabling them to progress towards their short and long term career aspirations. Honor can also assist Partners looking for new opportunities. Honor works closely with firms who are remotely located that find it difficult to find quality staff, along with the more populated areas of Queensland.

Outside of work Honor loves spending time with her two sons exploring the Gold Coast and it’s beautiful surrounding beaches and trail walks. Honor is a singer/songwriter and continues to add to her collection of original songs and 1000 + classic folk and modern covers in her spare time. Honor also likes swimming and cycling with her sons.

Transitioning and looking for new employment opportunities is always a difficult process and finding someone who has your genuine interests at heart and can help you smooth out the process is even harder and rare. However sometimes “fortune smiles on you” and you come across someone who is such a dedicated professional and most importantly refreshingly open with you.

For me that professional is – Honor Kettles!

She has always been supportive and proactive in all our dealings and for that I cannot thank her enough. It also does not come as a surprise to me that Honor commands such great respect from all people she interacts with.

Honor – thank you for all your support and no matter where my travels may take me be assured that you will be the one that I will recommend and champion

I am a happy man.

Thank you for your efforts and enthusiasm for your work Honor. First class.


Steve – Client