Ethan Tan

Ethan Tan

Business Support & Accounting


Senior Recruitment Consultant

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A passion in developing talent and career growth, supplemented with his innovative and refreshing approach in recruitment and talent recognition know-how, Ethan prides himself for his irrefutable client relationship management capabilities and comprehensive market/industry knowledge when partnering with people, teams and companies to achieve their goals.

Ethan is a Talent Search & Recruitment Specialist with extensive networks within Financial Services, Technical & Operations, Office Support and Contact Centre Industry, Strong Relationship Builder and a Health & Wellness Advocate with proven success in Recognising, Attracting and Connecting “nonpareil” Talent to organisations across Australia.

An ardor advocate for Health & Wellness, Ethan is a strong believer in a well-balanced lifestyle, both personally and professionally. His background within the fitness industry has provided him the required tools and knowledge to incorporate wellness within a commercial workplace. A foodie by heart, Ethan enjoys being a culinary mastermind and trying different cuisines from four corners of the world during his down time.

“Ethan is a professional consultant who has great drive and uses his drive to develop careers of his candidates. Ethan gave me the key to unlocking the opportunity for a great career. He takes the time to understand the situation and has the ability to think outside the box to ensure both candidate and client get the best out of the situation. I truly thank full for Ethan for the help he has given throughout my journey.”

Kevin – Candidate