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Daniel Jensen

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Daniel enjoyed a childhood in rural Queensland whilst at university he started out a career in retail working for the fourth largest retail group in Australia. Working his way up the ladder Daniel worked in head office in the property and store development team where he opened over 50 new stores before moving to Melbourne where he was appointed as Regional Manager.

Having been responsible for hiring multiple staff over eight years Daniel developed an interest in the recruitment industry. After considering his options Daniel chose to work for Sinclair Recruitment, an agency that offered a personalised approach to recruitment and was committed to making the industry a better place.

Starting off at the Melbourne office Daniel was soon promoted to open a new office on the Gold Coast and eventually took a senior leadership role where he now manages the Adelaide and Brisbane offices in addition to opening an office in Darwin. Presently Daniel holds a Directorship position within Sinclair Recruitment however being a firm believer in ‘leading from the front’ he still actively recruits on a daily basis within the financial services industry, he is well known in the recruitment sector for being the person to ‘fill the unfillable’ role.

Outside of work Daniel enjoys horse riding, tennis, wine tasting and the occasional night of Karaoke! He volunteers his time to two institutions that focus on educating and mentoring professionals within the finance industry and a mentor to university students where he focuses on assisting graduating students become job ready in order to achieve their professional career objectives.

Hi Kay,

Many thanks for following up my contact.

I was recently successful with a job application for a position in SA, and began employment with them on Monday.

The reason I tried to contact you was to highlight the pleasure of dealing with Sinclair Recruitment that I experienced, and in particular the experience I had dealing with Daniel Jensen.

I have attended many interviews with many recruitment companies and recruitment staff over many years. Sinclair is the first agency I have ever dealt with that I believed acted as an honest advocate for both the employer and the candidate, which I found to be truly refreshing and heartening in what can be a cut throat industry and difficult position to be in as a candidate.

Daniel’s approach was impeccable and honest, and he is without a doubt the best recruitment consultant I have ever dealt with. He communicated and followed up with me, at every stage of the process, which contributed to my overall confidence in applying for the position. He should be commended and is a valuable asset to your organisation.

I wished to articulate this to you, not simply because I was successful, but because as a sales person myself, I often find that companies all too often only ever receive negative feedback about consumer experiences.

After visiting your website, I also realised it is your companies’ philosophy to advocate for employer and candidate. This was clearly evident through the process I just experienced, and I applaud it and thank you and Daniel for helping me to return to a position of meaningful employment with a great company.

Simon – Candidate